#31 - Why YouTube Numbers Aren't Everything - The Reload Team

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#31 - Why YouTube Numbers Aren't Everything - The Reload Team

Episode 31 - These days, to earn good money from YouTube you need to have a big team around you or be very lucky! Using YouTube to earn income might not be the best idea for artists just starting out but it's a platform that can still really help you develop your audience. We discuss how a shift in the way an independent artist looks at Youtube can have a better payout.

Show Notes

Timings are estimates.

  • 03:06 - Views doesn’t mean everything
  • 04:06 - Creating opportunities in the music industry
  • 05:31 - Don’t get caught up in the numbers
  • 06:26 - Growth for growth sake is a losing proposition
  • 08:36 - Do you need a budget for views
  • 09:36 - Why are you growing your numbers?
  • 10:44 - Connect with your followers
  • 11:56 - Ask your fans what they want
  • 13:01 - Build genuine relationships
  • 14:22 - Do what is difficult, when it is easy
  • 15:27 - Trimming the fat
  • 16:46 - Blog: A New Way For Musicians To Look At YouTube 



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