#18 - What Makes A Successful Artist?

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Every person who visits us on The Reload Podcast is always asked what they think makes a successful artist. The answers are almost always different so we thought it would be helpful to compare and contrast these answers with one another. The various interviewees include industry pros, pop stars and brand reps - all of which have an interesting answer. Below is a brief summary along with the podcast itself. Enjoy!


Show Notes:

  • 01:36 - Sophie Appleby from Youth Music
  • 03:36 - JC Villanfan, Independant Artist
  • 05:36 - Simon O'Kelly from Unsigned Music Awards
  • 09:16 - Joe Vesaporn from Musicglue
  • 10:21 - Jamie Franklin from Roland
  • 11:02 - Nathan Liley from ELAM
  • 12:37 - Daniel Jones from PRS Music
  • 13:38 - Stephen Pell from Pell Artists
  • 14:11 - Rob Lewis from Richer Unsigned
  • 14:52- Imogen Heap from Featured Artists Coalition

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Below are two of our favourite podcasts from recent months. We think they're both super insightful and can really help a new musician looking for tips or hoping to gain a new understanding of promotion, self-management and music business. Don't forget, you can watch these on the go via Itunes or Stitcher too.

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