#33 - The Truest Representation Of Recorded Music - MQA

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#33 - The Truest Representation Of Recorded Music - MQA

Episode 33 - MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) makes it possible for an artist to deliver the highest quality of audio file to their listener. In short, audiences are able to hear exactly how an artist imagined a song, how they performed a song and how the song was recorded, making hi-res audio streaming a reality. We spoke with MQA CEO Mike Jbara to learn more.


Show Notes:

The following times are estimates.

  • 03:23 - What is MQA and how it helps artists.
  • 05:54 - How MQA makes everything sound natural.
  • 07:56 - Why detail is so important for artists.
  • 09:42 - The technology behind MQA.
  • 11:56 - Playback & Streaming partners.
  • 14:22 - Experiencing MQA.
  • 15:39 - MQA Live.
  • 16:49 - The future of MQA Live.
  • 21:47 - Take Me There Series.
  • 24:27 - Independent artists need a diversity of options to make a living.
  • 25:38 - Previous career at Warner.
  • 27:35 - Future for MQA.
  • 28:53 - A call to action.
  • 30:25 - Advice for independent artists.
  • 30:57 - Advice that was given to Mike.
  • 33:12 - What is a successful artist?


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