#41 - Where it's all about LIVE - Ray Jones, CEO of Talentbanq.


#41 - Where it's all about LIVE - Ray Jones, CEO of Talentbanq.

“Where it’s all about LIVE” is the slogan for Talentbanq and talking with Ray Jones, the CEO, you start to get an understanding for his love for live music. In this latest episode of The Reload Podcast, Ray explains the different levels of his company and how Talentbanq is essentially helping independent artists get experience by performing their own music - whilst getting paid for it. Although Talentbanq is an ‘invitation only’ platform it shouldn’t stop enthusiastic artists from reaching out and applying to be a part of something special.

If you’re an artist whose talent is exceptional and you want to play more live gigs whilst performing your own music, this episode is just for you.

Show Notes:

The following times are estimates.

  • 02:00 - Nickname of Mr. London

  • 05:30 - Co-Founding Talentbanq with Pablo Ettinger

  • 07:40 - Past professions

  • 08:40 - Allowing space for opportunity

  • 10:51 - What Talentbanq is all about

  • 12:30 - An invitation only portfolio

  • 15:10 - How do you pack out a venue?

  • 20:45 - The different levels to Talentbanq

  • 22:25 - The three elements to Talentbanq

  • 24:40 - How to be a part of Talentbanq

  • 25:57 - The lengthy application process

  • 29:04 - Is live music still important?

  • 34:34 - What is a successful artist?

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