#34 - Performing For 186 Million People - SuRie

SuRie Eurovision

#34 - Performing For 186 Million People - SuRie

We spoke with SuRie, a London-based independent musician, about how she represented the UK at the Eurovision Song contest - performing for 186 million viewers across the world. We take a look at what SuRie the singer-songwriter was up to before the competition and what lies ahead for her after the notorious event.


Show Notes:

The following times are estimates:

01:56 - What SuRie is all about

02:31 - How we worked with SuRie in the past

03:29 - Representing U.K on eurovision

04:10 - How SuRie was chosen to represent Eurovision

05:41 - Infamous moment at Eurovision

14:39 - The experience of Eurovision

17:09 - The attitude towards Eurovision

18:44 - Declined performing again after the interruption

20:31 - Currently on tour

24:46 - How to find more info on SuRie

26:21 - Taking It Over Lyric Video

27:14 - Best songwriting tips

27:31 - Best advice given to you

28:26 - Artist recently shared

28:40 - What is a successful artist?


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