#27 - Six Ways To Launch Your Music Career - The Reload Team

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Episode 26 - Six Ways To Launch Your Music Career - The Reload Team

2017 -  what a year for emerging talent! Records were broken by Ed Sheeran, charts showed new trends based on Spotify & Apple Music, Stormzy introduced new music to the mainstream sector and much more. It's a great time to be a new artist who is looking to put out fresh music.  Earlier on in 2018 we put together an easy-to-read e-book based on trends we have noticed after filming with over 300+ artist. There were six of these trends and we wrote them down with the hope that you - the new generation of musicians - can learn some of the things that others only figured out after years of making music. Josh and Peppe had a chat about the 6 steps that are outlined in our e-book. In case you were wondering about the e-book, you can download it here. While it's downloading (it should be fast, it's 2017 guys) why not listen to our summary of the book below. Enjoy!


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Below is one of our favourite podcasts from recent months. We think it's super insightful and can really help a new musician looking for tips or hoping to gain a new understanding of promotion, self-management and music business. Don't forget, you can watch these on the go via iTunes or Stitcher too.


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