#35 - A Global Network For Women In The Music Industry - Andreea Magdalina

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#35 - A Global Network For Women In The Music Industry - Andreea Magdalina

Episode 35 -  In today’s interview, we managed to sit down with the founder of She Said So, Andreea Magdalina. She Said So is a global network of women who work in the music industry, there are events held in London, San Francisco, Dublin and even in Johannesburg. When we came across her organisation it was inspiring to see how it has gone global and how it has brought women around the world closer together. Each event is different and they cover a variety of topics. We all know that open discussions lead to change and Andreea is providing a safe place for women, and also men, to talk and change the music industry from within.

Show Notes:

The following times are estimates.

  • 03:09 - Moving to LA
  • 04:09 - How LA has developed in the music industry
  • 05:15 - SheSaid.So URL
  • 05:53 - What is She Said So all about?
  • 06:54 - The events are global
  • 08:09 - What made you create She Said So
  • 14:53 - Shout out - Katie McPhee
  • 16:09 - Topics that are discussed and finding a solution
  • 20:09 - Topics on mental health
  • 23:39 - Topics on being a parent in the music industry
  • 26:09 - Offering partnerships
  • 28:47 - Logo design
  • 30:22 - SheSaid.So Merchandise
  • 33:22 - First experience of a She Said So event
  • 34:59 - How can people get involved with She Said So?
  • 38:14 - What needs to be done to reduce the gender gap in the music industry?
  • 43:27 - Advice shared to Andreea
  • 44:54 - Song recently shared
  • 45:37 - What is a successful artist?


Useful Links

She Said So Website

She Said So Twitter

Andreea Magdalina Twitter


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