#38 - The Ethical Music Streaming Co-Op - Peter Harris.

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 #38 - The Ethical Music Streaming Co-Op - Peter Harris.

In today’s interview, we were able to talk with Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate. Resonate is a streaming music service that is currently in beta, but is different from all the other streaming services out there. It is a co-operatively owned business that has a unique listening model. For any independent artist that is looking for a true and fair platform to share their music, Resonate will tick all your boxes. In today’s interview Peter talks about how transparent he wants the business to be and how he hopes to incorporate blockchain into his platform. Resonates’ listening model, known as ‘stream 2 own’ is really interesting and I hope you take the time to find out more about it.

Show Notes:

The following times are estimates.

  • 03:41 - Why are you based in Berlin?

  • 04:09 - Peter Harris - Founder of Resonate

  • 04:29 - What is Resonate?

  • 06:29 - Why is the business co-operatively owned?

  • 10:39 - How Peter can lose his role as CEO.

  • 11:29 - Salary wage.

  • 14:49 - What differentiates Resonate from the competition.

  • 19:14 - Stream 2 Own - The listening model of Resonate.

  • 27:37 - Currently in beta.

  • 28:48 - What is Stream 2 Own?

  • 30:29 - Feedback to the listening model.

  • 34:49 - Why is blockchain the future for music?

  • 42:49 - How blockchain will be implemented.

  • 45:19 - Can artists get involved?

  • 48:07 - Advice that helped in Peter’s career.

  • 48:48 - An artist shared recently

  • 49:22 - What is a successful artist?

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