#28 - Quitting Your 9-5 To Earn Money Through Music - FOLA

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#28 - Quitting Your 9-5 To Earn Money Through Music - FOLA

Episode 28 - A few years ago, when Reload first started shooting live music sessions, an artist called FOLA wrote to us to ask to collaborate with us. We obliged and invited him down to a closed bar in Canning Town to shoot his first session with us. Fast forward a few years and we invited FOLA to join us on the podcast to talk about how his career has changed since we first met him. We wanted to talk about how FOLA gave up his 9-5 non-music-related job to pursue a job in the music industry & while he hasn't reached his final goal he is still earning a living by performing music and doing what he loves.


Show Notes:

These times are estimates

  • 03:31 - Who is Fola?
  • 04:50 - Jobs with a music degree
  • 05:22 - Artists respecting their value.
  • 06:00 - The 9-5 route.
  • 07:10 - Never losing sight of your goals.
  • 08:39 - Going full time with music.
  • 11:30 - Honing in on your focus
  • 13:50 - Learning to quit 9-5
  • 15:10 - Where did the money come in?
  • 18:10 - Lack of consistent well-paid gigs
  • 19:10 - Additional opportunities to earn money
  • 21:10 - The Magic of Motown
  • 22:10 - Managing work & artistry
  • 24:10 - The ultimate goal
  • 26:10 - Life isn't fun with regrets
  • 27:10 - Take every opportunity that helps fund what you love doing.
  • 29:10 - Writing with jargon lyrics
  • 33:10 - Book: The Power of the Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy
  • 34:50 - Shola Ama's advice to singer-songwriters.
  • 36:00 - What is a successful artist?

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Below is one of our favourite podcasts from recent months. We think it's super insightful and can really help a new musician looking for tips or hoping to gain a new understanding of promotion, self-management and music business. Don't forget, you can watch these on the go via iTunes or Stitcher too.


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