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We invited Imogen Heap, the interim CEO and key board member of the Featured Artists Coalition to join us on The Reload Podcast. The FAC brings together the featured artist community to help musicians and artists connect and grow through peer to peer development.

We've not come across something like this before, a community which provides support and is built entirely on members' experience & connections. The FAC also provides a collective voice for the artist community within the music industry and to the government ensuring that artist rights are protected amongst the emergence of new technologies and new distribution methods

The board of trustees is an impressive list including Imogen Heap (CEO), Annie Lennox, Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Kate Nash, Katie Melua, and many more - all of which contribute to encourage bringing around better standards and business practices from record labels, music publishers and other business partners.  

The FAC is truly an organisation by the artists for the artists and a of this its is free to join as a member or associated member. Regular masterclasses, Q&A sessions & behind-the-scenes insights are hosts by FAC and are well worth checking out for the eager-to-grow musician.

For more on what the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) does watch the interview with Imogen Heap above.

Visit Featured Artists Coalition here.

Show Notes:

  • (00:30) Imogen's illustrious career & One Love Manchester
  • (03:42) What FAC stands for, the board and how it was formed
  • (05:49) The issues of music transparency
  • (08:27) Where is the music industry going
  • (12:40) "Enable & Empower Artists" - one of the roles of FAC
  • (15:16) Why sign to a label?
  • (16:01) Different revenue streams available to independent artists
  • (18:01) FAC Workshops - "All About:" & "Open Artist"
  • (22:11) Advice for an aspiring artist - "Find your champions"
  • (29:00) How to join FAC.
  • (31:42) What is a successful artist.

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