#29 - How We Got Our Music On Spotify & iTunes - The Reload Team

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#29 - How We Got Our Music On Spotify & iTunes - The Reload Team

Episode 29 - At Reload we always champion the unsigned, independent musician and even though we have over 300 live sessions on YouTube we want to reach new audiences and share our music featuring emerging talent with new listeners. It made sense to make the jump to Spotify and iTunes and so that's exactly what we've done. We have uploaded our first album of 19 songs featuring covers, originals and some of our favourite performances from the past year. In this episode we discuss how you can get your music on a streaming platform.


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Below is one of our favourite podcasts from recent months. We think it's super insightful and can really help a new musician looking for tips or hoping to gain a new understanding of promotion, self-management and music business. Don't forget, you can watch these on the go via iTunes or Stitcher too.


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