#30 - From Skrillex To Snapchat - Carly Wilford

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#30 - From Skrillex To Snapchat - Carly Wilford

Episode 30 - At first it's hard to define what Carly does, the best way to sum it up would be saying that she takes people and music that she loves and tells the world about it". Carly uses different channels and platforms to help artists and creatives that she likes go further. This is done through her work as a DJ, a presenter, a curator, a manager and as a creative. We discussed how she ended working with radio stations, working for big brands and Snapchat. We also touch on the sensitive topic of doing what you love for free versus knowing your value and charging for your services.


Show Notes:

The following times are estimates.

  • 02:24 - How we first met
  • 04:42 - What exactly Carly does
  • 06:10 - Carly’s DJ’ing career
  • 07:23 - Working with Skrillex’s label
  • 09:20 - Her radio platform - Sister
  • 12:27 - Working for Rinse FM
  • 14:25 - Doing things for free
  • 16:15 - Creating your own radio platform
  • 18:00 - Where Sister is being broadcasted
  • 20:00 - Being a curator for Snapchat
  • 23:30 - Getting involved in the music industry
  • 26:28 - Cool stories from the music industry
  • 29:11 - Jacob Banks Story
  • 30:15 - What’s next for Carly
  • 31:20 - What advice was given to Carly
  • 32:20 - Artist recently shared with friends.
  • 33:05 - What is a successful artist



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