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Songwriter Georgia Train joined us on The Reload Podcast to talk about her career as a songwriter and also share her knowledge on penning commercial music. Many artists often want to be the best and write for the best but Georgia explains how there's a different formula needed for writing songs commercially, whether that's being fast from the get-go or not being afraid to put out work that's not your favourite. Georgia shares what she's learnt throughout her career as a songwriter, covering on many points that are often overlooked. Gerogia also speaks about her latest venture - creating a songwriting house, working and collaborating with different writers all with the aim of producing bespoke songs for the indie electronic club scene or "dj music with guest vocals".

For more on what you can learn from Georgia watch the interview below.

Learn more about Georgia Train and connect with her here.


Show Notes:

  • 1:39 - What is your role as a creative individual
  • 3:37 - How long has Hookers existed for?
  • 3:57 - How do you find your songwriters and bring them together?
  • 4:55 - Examples of genres that you'd like to be associated with.
  • 7:25 - Before Hookers and the transition.
  • 9:43 - How many songwriters in Hookers?
  • 10:39 - What makes a good song writer?
  • 14:38 - What would you advice to a younger self/you?
  • 17:21 - What tips would you give to someone writing for themselves?
  • 19:40 - How do you cull the good ones?
  • 21:35 - Is it hard to put personal experiences in your own music?
  • 25:58 - Any tools you use for songwriting?
  • 29:53 - Book recommendations
  • 32:10 - Best written songs in the past ten years
  • 36:23 - How to find more about Hookers

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