#15 - Connecting The Music Industry - Music Gateway

#15 - Connecting The Music Industry - Music Gateway

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Music Gateway is an online platform created specifically to allow creative and music industry individuals to connect and work together. Sophie from Music Gateway joined us on The Reload Podcast to explain a bit more about what they do. Sophie explains how Music Gateway has planned to change the backbone of the music industry by creating a level playing-field for everyone who has business to conduct, not just those with contacts or friends in high places.

Since 2013, Music Gateway has allowed individuals and brands to co-write, collaborate & connect with different creatives, from songwriters to graphic designers & photographers. Not only that but they also act as the middle-man connecting publishers, A&Rs & management with new talent - providing a safe online environment to iron out any negotiations and let each party start & develop a professional project.

A game changer? Quite possibly. Music Gateway is all about connecting people, industries and brands with the right skills & attributes with one another. We can see how this B2B platform could work for a top-end client looking to find music for a television advert as well as an artist who has just started out and is looking to connect with other musicians and songwriters.

For more on what Music Gateway does watch the interview with Sophie below.

Visit Music Gateway here.


Show Notes:

  • 1:27 - What is a creative professional
  • 2:37 - An artist is a business
  • 3:25 - Networking element to Music Gateway
  • 5:27 - Connecting people around the world
  • 8:38 - Is it a directory?
  • 9:15 - Demo submissions tool
  • 10:16 - Advice on getting a project seen
  • 11:35 - Working together online
  • 13:57 - Why is it beneficial to network in the music industry?
  • 16:30 - Success stories
  • 18: 04 - Sync element to Music Gateway
  • 18:50 - How Music Gateway helps to get your music on adverts
  • 23:40 - How to make the most of their online experience
  • 28:50 - How to sign up
  • 29: 33 - What is a successful artist?

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