#32 - Artist Entrepreneur to Author - From Me To You (FM2U)

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#32 - Artist Entrepreneur to Author - From Me To You (FM2U)

Episode 32 - From Me to You (#FM2U) is a one-day music conference that celebrates independent music making. Traditional music industry events are a plenty, but there is an entire universe of lucrative music making that they simply don’t represent, because they are not run by musicians This is where From Me to You is different. FM2U aims to build a strong community that has a group of independent musicians at the heart of it. We spoke with Roxanne to find out more.


Show Notes:

Timings are estimates

  • 1:42 - Origins of De Bastion surname
  • 4:06 - How do you balance being an independent artist and your music conference
  • 5:37 - How she broke her ankle
  • 6:35 - Performing with a broken ankle on a headline show
  • 7:48 - How HM:UK helped out with the cancellation of her tour
  • 9:26 - The release of her book, “Tails from the Rails.”
  • 13:41 - How do you orchestrate a tour?
  • 16:26 - The birth of FM2U and what is it about?
  • 18:11 - All panels are chaired by the artists
  • 19:21 - What issues have you covered on FM2U
  • 20:32 - Self-management vs management
  • 22:19 - Who have you had on the panel?
  • 24:46 - Glasgow expansion
  • 26:38 - How to get involved in the next conference?
  • 28:26 - What advice can you give to an artist-entrepreneur?
  • 31:09 - A relationship with an artist and fan is important
  • 32:26 - What are your best songwriting tips?
  • 33:04 - What books have you read that has helped you in your career?
  • 33:25 - What advice was given to you in your music career and who helped it?
  • 33:53 - Song recently shared
  • 34:06 - What is a successful artist?

WATCH our interview with Help Musicians UK, the charity Roxanne spoke about when she had to cancel her tour. 

WATCH our interview with the FAC to learn about they can help you as an independent artist.

FIND Roxanne De Bastion and let her know we sent you.

Website: http://www.roxannedebastion.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Roxannemusic



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