#14 - A Crash Course On Artistry - Ultimate Artists

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#14 - A Crash Course On Artistry - Ultimate Artists

Sheena Ladwa from Ultimate Artists joined us on The Reload Podcast to talk about what UA does for developing and emerging. Ultimate Artists hosts a week packed full of learning and activities geared towards helping artists of all ages, from all walks of lives, from all around the world to develop their artistry and learn how to perform, write and collaborate like a pro. The Ultimate Artists course provides a real industry experience with specialists coming in to teach unique lessons from their field having worked with Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Little Mix, Sia and many more. UA also hosts regular performances accompanied with an experienced house-band.

UA has great opportunities for creatives who want to go on to push their music further as their industry connections are top tier. Listen in to hear Sheena and her team (1/3 of the Directors) built the course and find out their plans for the future.

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