#24 - Fail Fast - The Reload Team

Episode 24 - Joshua and Peppe had a candid talk about the things that have gone wrong since creating Reload and taking the brand from just sessions to a much larger platform.

#23 - Salute Music Makers Competition - Kwame Kwaten

Episode 23 - Kwame Kwaten joined us to talk about the prestigious Salute Music Makers competition - and how it's a total game-changer for independent artists in the UK. 

#22 - Started From The Bottom - The Reload Team

Episode 22 - Reload co-creators, Joshua and Peppe talk about how they started Reload Sessions and the Reload brand, also touching on the highs and lows they experienced.

#21 - How Would You Spend £50k To Develop An Artist?! - Dee Adam

Episode 21 - Dee Adam joins us to talk about her role as a curator for Salute Music Makers competition - with the top prize going for £50K

#20 - It's Okay To Look For Support In The Creative Industry - Help Musicians UK


Episode 20 - Help Musicians UK joined us in the studio to discuss the support they offer to emerging & independent musicians in the UK.

#19 - How To Write Really Really Good Songs - Holistic Songwriting

Episode 19 - Friedemann from Holistic Writing about how to write good commercial music and how he learned to write, compose, strategise and grow as a musician.

#18 - What Makes A Successful Artist?

Episode 18 - What makes a successful artist? There are lots of things to consider and lots of way to answer such a deep question!

#14 - A Crash Course On Artistry - Ultimate Artists

Sheena Ladwa from Ultimate Artists joined us on The Reload Podcast to talk about what UA does for developing and emerging. Ultimate Artists hosts a week packed full of learning and activities geared towards helping artists of all ages, from all walks of lives, from all around the world to develop their artistry and learn how to perform, write and collaborate like a pro.

#13 - Promoting The Unsigned For Free - Richer Unsigned

Rob from Richer unsigned joined us on The Reload Podcast to talk about what they do for unsigned musicians & artists. Funded by Richer Sounds, a UK-based, British home-entertainment retailer Richer Unsigned places the music of fresh musicians across 53 stores in the UK as well as distributing unique playlists to their 500,000-strong mailing list. So what's the catch? Well there isn't one really - have a listen to find out more on the work thatRicher Unsigned does with emerging talent.

#12 - Creating The Right Business Mind - Pell Artists

Stephen Pell from Pell Artists spoke to us about what he does as a strategic and business advisor with musicians in different stages of their career. Stephen helps artists make wise business decisions, covering budgeting, accounting and creating bespoke strategies and explained to us how a musician's mindset is fundamental to their success.

#10 - An Industry Academy with ELAM

We spoke with Nathan Lilley, Director of Music from ELAM (East London Arts & Music), a full-time industry academy for 16-19 year olds. The academy is open to young musicians or creatives interested in pursuing carer in music, film, T V, production, game design and more and in its first 3 years of running it has seen its alumni take on roles in all of these sectors.

#9 - A Space To Create with Raw Material

One thing that can be very tricky for young artists is finding a space to record in or even rehearse. It doesn't need to be a headache, there are a few fantastic studios and spaces in London which provide not only the facilities but help from musicians themselves.

One of these places is Raw Material, located in Brixton, London, Raw Material whose missions is to improve the lives of young people, their economic position, their opportunities, progression and development have an open door policy to young creatives under 25.

#8 - Brand Partnerships with Roland

For an independent artist trying to find their way early on in their music career, any help is valuable. The money can sometimes be low and you might be struggling to pay for the latest piece of equipment. You’ve heard the stories or have peers that have secured a sponsorship or endorsement deal with an established brand, and you wonder to yourself, “how on earth did they secure such a ‘lucrative’ deal?” The thought of getting equipment at a discounted rate or even free is so enticing, but you just don’t know how,where or who to ask.

#7 - This Is Wired with Kate Bond

We invited our friend Kate Bond to join us on The Reload Podcast to discuss This Is Wired, one of London's best live-music shows. We spoke about how This Is Wired originally started out, how the team selects artists for the line up as well as the different platforms the show has been extended too. With 2017 set to be an exciting year, Kate is an industry specialist with a great eye for talent.

#5 - Selling To Your Fans On A Global Scale with Music Glue

We spoke with Joe from Music Glue for The Reload Podcast to find out more about what they do. In our talk, Joe explains that music glue is a free to use online marketing and e-commerce platform - which allows artists to connect directly to their fans (wherever in the world they are) and help maintain a relationship with them too. Music Glue puts all of your 'products' in one place - this means fans can reach your content directly and quickly without having to sign up to different websites and platforms. This is great because it means you can be from a small village in the UK but still sell your album around the world - and merchandise too.