#29 - How We Got Our Music On Spotify & iTunes - The Reload Team

Episode 29 - We recently uploaded our first album to Spotify and iTunes to help introduce a new audience to emerging independent musicians. We discuss how easy this process was and talk about some of our favourites found on the album as well as our future goals for streaming music.

#28 - Quitting Your 9-5 To Earn Money Through Music - FOLA

Episode 28 - FOLA joins us to discuss how he was able to quit the rat-race & the 9-5 and earn a living through music.

#27 - Six Ways To Launch Your Music Career - The Reload Team

Episode 27 - We've worked with a ton of artists. Want to know what separates the successful ones from those who weren't so lucky? Listen on and we'll explain how working with 300+ artists has helped us figure that out.

#26 - Deconstructing Lyrics - The Pop Song Professor

Episode 26 - Clifford Stumme aka The Pop Song Professor joined us to talk about the importance of lyrical content in the ever-changing contemporary-pop music scene.

#25 - The Pressures of Being A Manager - The Music Managers Forum

Episode 25 -Annabella Coldrick, CEO of the Music Managers Forum joined us on the podcast to talk about how the MMF supports managers through their community, providing advice, support and guidance.

#24 - Fail Fast - The Reload Team

Episode 24 - Joshua and Peppe had a candid talk about the things that have gone wrong since creating Reload and taking the brand from just sessions to a much larger platform.

#23 - Salute Music Makers Competition - Kwame Kwaten

Episode 23 - Kwame Kwaten joined us to talk about the prestigious Salute Music Makers competition - and how it's a total game-changer for independent artists in the UK. 

#22 - Started From The Bottom - The Reload Team

Episode 22 - Reload co-creators, Joshua and Peppe talk about how they started Reload Sessions and the Reload brand, also touching on the highs and lows they experienced.

#21 - How Would You Spend £50k To Develop An Artist?! - Dee Adam

Episode 21 - Dee Adam joins us to talk about her role as a curator for Salute Music Makers competition - with the top prize going for £50K

#20 - It's Okay To Look For Support In The Creative Industry - Help Musicians UK


Episode 20 - Help Musicians UK joined us in the studio to discuss the support they offer to emerging & independent musicians in the UK.

#19 - How To Write Really Really Good Songs - Holistic Songwriting

Episode 19 - Friedemann from Holistic Writing about how to write good commercial music and how he learned to write, compose, strategise and grow as a musician.

#18 - What Makes A Successful Artist?

Episode 18 - What makes a successful artist? There are lots of things to consider and lots of way to answer such a deep question!

#14 - A Crash Course On Artistry - Ultimate Artists

Sheena Ladwa from Ultimate Artists joined us on The Reload Podcast to talk about what UA does for developing and emerging. Ultimate Artists hosts a week packed full of learning and activities geared towards helping artists of all ages, from all walks of lives, from all around the world to develop their artistry and learn how to perform, write and collaborate like a pro.

#13 - Promoting The Unsigned For Free - Richer Unsigned

Rob from Richer unsigned joined us on The Reload Podcast to talk about what they do for unsigned musicians & artists. Funded by Richer Sounds, a UK-based, British home-entertainment retailer Richer Unsigned places the music of fresh musicians across 53 stores in the UK as well as distributing unique playlists to their 500,000-strong mailing list. So what's the catch? Well there isn't one really - have a listen to find out more on the work thatRicher Unsigned does with emerging talent.

#12 - Creating The Right Business Mind - Pell Artists

Stephen Pell from Pell Artists spoke to us about what he does as a strategic and business advisor with musicians in different stages of their career. Stephen helps artists make wise business decisions, covering budgeting, accounting and creating bespoke strategies and explained to us how a musician's mindset is fundamental to their success.

#10 - An Industry Academy with ELAM

We spoke with Nathan Lilley, Director of Music from ELAM (East London Arts & Music), a full-time industry academy for 16-19 year olds. The academy is open to young musicians or creatives interested in pursuing carer in music, film, T V, production, game design and more and in its first 3 years of running it has seen its alumni take on roles in all of these sectors.