At Reload we're very particular about the gear we use to produce our live sessions. At first we started using a wide variety of equipment tripods, cameras, microphones backpacks etc from numerous different brands however over the years we've narrowed it down to a solid check-list of equipment that we know is reliable, hardy and produces great results in facilitating live music and/or video production.

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RØDE Microphones

Over the years, RØDE has been one of the main supporters of Reload Sessions. The Australian-based microphone brand produce some of best and most affordable products on the market which we proudly endorse. RØDE's NT1 and NT2A are the staple go-to mics for Reload Sessions, with the higher end NTR, their highly coveted ribbon mic, taking its place as our favourite mic so far. We also use a range of their on-camera microphones for different types of shoots from the Stereo Video Mic X to the RodeLink. 

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Anker provides Reload Sessions with rechargeable batteries, USB cables and other electronic accessories which helps us run the channel on the go. Whether working away from our office or in the back of a car, Anker allows us the flexibility to carry rechargeable equipment with us meaning our workflow isn't interrupted. 

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Focusrite provides us with the necessary mixers to maintain a steady flow of sessions. We currently use the Scarlett 18i20 which plugs straight into our laptop and caters for all our needs in producing live-performance music videos. 

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ONA Bags

All of our camera equipment is housed by ONA, the US-based, high-end bag company. ONA's bags are not only extremely comfortable but they look great. Despite this, the most important element of their designs is that their products keep our equipment safe and secured. We took a few of their bags on a shoot with us to Thailand, filming in jungles, on river banks and around sandy beaches - albeit in the middle of the monsoon season and the bags held up amazingly. We're thrilled to have their support and look forward to working with them more in the future. 

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Since 2015 Mogami has been providing us with cables for the sessions. We have a range of custom created blue leads with both XLR connectors and 6.35mm instrument jacks. Mogami is one of the most reputable cable brands, focussing on quality and functionality.

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Stedman provide the channel with their icon metal-mesh pop filters. The frameless Proscreen PS101 is our default pop filter and features in most of our videos. We love working with this specific filter because it doesn't fully block the artist's face. As you'd expect, it also blocks out and pops or fizzes that would've previously been heard on any recording used without a wind filter.  

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