Pack Down

Filming: Pack Down

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Having A System

It's important that you have a system when packing down. If not, you can easily leave something behind. To give you an idea, here's what our pack down system looks like:


Memory Cards


This is one of the first items that we want to secure. We spent the whole shoot capturing footage, we want to make sure that it's in a safe place and stored away for transfer. Make sure you secure your cards straight away!




One of the reasons why we remove the lighting next is because with everyone moving around the studio, there's a possibility of knocking the lights over. Even with a sandbag weight in place. Just for safety it's a good idea to pack up your lights next. 






Once the memory cards have been taken out of your cameras and the lighting is out the way. We like to pack down our cameras and tripods next. We place all of our cameras in secure camera bags that can handle any terrain. The  ONA Camps Bay camera bag is one of our favourites.


Audio Equipment


The last thing that we like to pack up is the audio equipment. That'll include the cables, microphones and stands. Since we're always on the go, we like to place all of our audio equipment in a Pelican Case.

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