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Digital Audio Workstation

No matter what software you're using you should be able to edit a basic live session. Depending on what DAW software you're using depends on how much editing you're able to do. I recommend using an industry standard software so that when your dealing with other engineers or artists in the music industry, you'll be able to understand what needs doing. Remember "a bad technician blames his tools", so don't go blaming your DAW selection and immediately jump ship when you can't find a certain plug-in. Give it time and keep practising, eventually you'll know your way around the interface.

At Reload we've gone through 4 different DAW's because of hardware upgrades. There were subtle difference between each one, it's really down to preference and what computer you're using. Below are a few examples of DAW's that you can use to record your session. With the nature of live recording at Reload, any of the DAW's below will do the job. My preference has been Logic Pro X for a while, although I can see us eventually moving onto Pro Tools.

If you're not a fan of Logic Pro X, here are some alternatives.

  1. Pro Tools
  2. Audition
  3. Garageband
  4. Cubase
  5. Ableton
  6. FL Studio
  7. Reason

Don't know what equipment to use?

If you're having trouble with what hardware you need for recording a live session, don't worry we got you. We've outlined the essential pieces of hardware that you will need in order to get started. Click here to read the article.

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