Call Sheets

Filming: Call Sheets

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Fill One Out.

Make sure you take the time before every production to fill out a call sheet. It'll help answer what you need and save on a lot of time. Filling out this information beforehand is important, at a quick glance I have all the necessary information in front of me. This can be passed onto whoever is included in the shoot. Allowing everyone to be on the same page.

Below is an example of a call sheet that we have used in the past.

Worksheet 1 Scan.jpeg
Call Sheet.jpg.jpg

Even if you're a crew of one and you're the artist as well, it'll be good practice to fill out a call sheet before every shoot. It'll help you to plan out every session and make sure you've covered every aspect before going in.

Make sure you grab a copy and fill it out before every shoot.

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