Below are some questions that we are often asked. If you don't find your answer below head on over to the 'Contact Us' page and let us know how we can help.

How can I contact Reload?

For any enquiries, marketing queries or business opportunities you can either email us at or click here. Please give as much detail as possible and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I get an internship with you?

Sure! We always look forward to hearing from people who want to work with us. Head over to the contact page & don't forget to tell us about what you're passionate about, this doesn't necessarily mean something to do with music/film. We want to get to understand who you are and what drives you.

The best way would be to fill out a form on the 'Apply To Play' page. Don't forget to include links to your music and other online content that might be relevant.

What kind of music do you feature?

We feature a variety of music, but mostly popular, radio-friendly genres.

Do you collaborate with other YouTube channels?

We actively look for new musicians on YouTube and always look forward to hearing from like-minded creators. If you have a vision for developing your channel and want to set something up with us just get in touch!

Can you feature my band?

We don't work with many bands on the channel however this isn't a definitive "no". In the past we have featured bands, but we do prefer to keep the theme in line with the stripped back set up. If you'd like more info on how this might be possible drop us an email at

Reload Sessions isn't a pay-to-play platform, however if we're able to arrange a session we do ask that artists pay a basic fee that covers the costs for the day and the upkeep of the channel. Our rates frequently change and depend on a number of factors, for more info get in touch by clicking here.

I want to play my original music and not a cover, is this possible?

We usually recommend that artists perform a cover as well as an original song. The cover 'breaks the ice' with our audience and introduces you as an artist. However if you're really not adamant on playing someone else's music we do allow just original music too though this is at a different rate.

Can I sing to a backing track?

Unfortunately no, we make exceptions with this if the artist is using a loop-station but we don't feature artists singing to a backing track. We try to keep everything live.

Do you provide instruments and musicians?

No. We're happy to recommend session musicians and rental outlets but we don't provide instruments and musicians.

How long does the editing process take, when will my video go online?

The editing process all depends on our schedule, we usually work with a 2-8 week buffer from shooting to uploading the content. If something is more urgent please include this information when first contacting us as we will try our best to tie the release of the video in with any external campaigns that you might be running.

Is my session guaranteed to make it online?

We never guarantee that any content will make it online, we want to deliver the best quality to our audience and so we reserve the right to automatically upload footage. If we feel that the performance doesn't match the standard of the channel we won't proceed with the edit or the upload.

After we've filmed the session do I get a copy of the audio/video?

Usually, no. We don't distribute the content we record to individuals as standard practise. The footage will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and from there we encourage you to share the final link. We do however offer this service but it would fall under an alternate price, email us at for more information.

How often do you film new sessions?

Our filming schedule is often arranged 1-2 months in advance. More often than not we have specific dates that we work towards. Sometimes we might film 3 times a week, or sometimes it might be just once. It all depends on a number of things, but most months there will be at least 2 or 3 shoots.

Can you come to my studio/home to film me?

Possibly, however this depends on our schedule and how busy we are. Extra fees are incurred for travel. For a more direct answer send us your details and any questions you might have.