Youth Music's Give A Gig Week

Youth Music's 'Give A Gig' Week

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To Donate Or To Not Donate?

Donating time and money to charities are often not the first things on people’s mind, sometimes I ask myself, "why hand out a portion of my money when I’ve worked so hard to earn it?" But if you focus on how your money or the time donated can help people in real need, you realise that your small contributions are making a huge impact in people’s lives.

Youth Music

Youth Music is a charity that helps fund music-making projects where they’re really needed. Using music as a vessel for change, the charity helps young children to young adults (0-25 years) overcome any issues & struggles, build confidence and make a difference in their lives. The projects Youth Music fund are to help individuals develop musical skills, but to also gain personal and social development as well.

So far Youth Music is funding over 350 music-making projects all across the UK, changing thousands of individuals for the better. The projects that Youth Music fund help build self-esteem, resolve trust issues and develop vital skills to take young individuals further in life. Here at Reload, we fully support Youth Music’s core values and want to support them in every way that we can. We invited Youth Music down to have a chat and feature on our podcast, Sophie Appleby - Communications Manager was happy to join us and gave us a visit.

If you’d like to watch the interview where Sophie talks a bit more about Youth Music and their work around the UK you can watch it here:

Alternatively, if you want to listen to the podcast you can listen here:

Give A Gig Week

Sophie mentioned how Youth Music is helping thousands of kids, and it was great to hear some of the success stories. She also mentioned the Give a Gig Week fundraising project that is coming up in the next month (March 2017) and how anyone can get involved. The idea is to create one week's worth of live gigs all across the UK, from gigs in the pub to huge arenas, to raise awareness for the charity as well as contribute to raising funds.

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The Give a Gig week starts from March 24th and runs all the way through to March 31st, Youth Music aims to facilitate 100 gigs to help fundraise money for the charity.

As I’m currently writing this, their Gig-o-meter states that they’ve secured 89 gigs - they’re getting close, but Sophie mentioned how they’d happily obliterate their 100 gig target and put on as many as they can for the charity.

If you’re interested in putting on a gig for the Give a Gig week campaign and supporting a good cause making a difference to creative individuals in need you can find all the information here.

Remember you don’t just have to commit to just giving your money to a charity, projects like Give a Gig Week means you can donate time and put on live gigs to help fundraise for the charity. By fundraising money for Youth Music, it allows them to invest in more music-making projects across the UK, in turn helping thousands of more young people and giving them a better start to life.