The Numbers Behind Independent Artists

The Numbers Behind Independent Artists

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In early 2017 we asked a group of 50 independent artists a series of questions regarding what it's like being a musician without a huge team or without a budget which comes with being signed to a record label.

At Reload Sessions we work with young musicians, with the majority of them just starting out with their career in music. We wanted to gather information on what it's like to have to hustle by yourself, without a big team, without endless cash, without someone to micromanage everything for you. It's no easy feat to stay afloat and can often be overwhelming, but with this data we want to cater what we do to help new independent musicians get their music further.

There were some surprising trends along with some which were expected, but one thing that is for sure is that over the course of this year we plan to help you with building your audience, getting the creative juices flowing and finding a way to release more premium music. We'll be offering a range of events and online-learning tools to develop your ability as a self-promoting, music-writing, gigging-all-night music machine.

For more on what indepdnent artists told us about the highs & lows of indie life, see the infographic below.

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Are you an independent artist and have something to add? Maybe we missed out something that has been bugging you or you've discovered a few tips which really helped out with your growth. Let us know via social media (found below) or in the comments for this post!