The Midi Music Company

the midi music company

The Midi Music Company

On The Reload Podcast we like to pick the minds of various individuals, brands, charities and organisations working within the music industry. This week is no different and we sat down to speak with Wozzy Brewster, founder of The Midi Music Company. The Midi Music Company is a UK charity that works with children and young people to grow their love and understanding of music.

Getting involved with music and experiencing different genres and styles isn't something that's always available and accessible to everyone - this is something that The Midi Music Company works towards changing. TMMC provides young people - mostly between the ages of 5 and 30 with music seminars, after school events and affordable short music programmes amongst other projects with the aim of increasing their participation in various music industries. The goal is to create opportunities for audiences to integrate through music, exposing them to something new and giving them the resources to explore this further. The Midi Music Company aims to bridge the gap between music education and music business, helping young people make the transition from a hobby to a profession - something which can be daunting to the best of us.

Wozzy explains in detail what her mission is and what her team is trying to achieve, from providing valuable experiences for young people to intergrating groups with music - they even held a rave for deaf people! 

To hear more on Wozzy's conversation with Josh from Reload, watch the video below.

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