2 Things Every Artist on Social Media Should Know

2 Things Every Artist on Social Media Should Know


Sitting in a parked Fiat 500 car, inside the parking garage of Reading’s Oracle shopping mall, I found myself sitting with Ebony Day talking about her career so far. We talked for a while about how it all began, where it’s currently going and what she aims to do. It was quite insightful and she gave me some interesting and very useful tips to help grow your brand online. Ebony Day gave herself the title ‘Social Media Influencer’, but she also told me when she tells her friends what she does as a living, she nonchalantly says, ‘she makes videos and posts it online and stuff’.

She is very humble about her career and what she has achieved, but you can’t deny that accumulating over 500,000+ subs across all three of her YouTube channels was just by posting "videos online and stuff". Her Twitter account has over 95,000 followers, her Facebook page has gained over 210,000 likes and her Instagram page is 100,000 followers strong. So the title social media influencer is well deserved.

Here at Reload Sessions we give an online platform for upcoming singers to showcase their work, I wanted to help them further and extract useful advice from successful people to help grow their own brand. So when talking to Ebony, I wanted to ask what tips can she give to help grow their presence online, she gave me two important pieces of advice that I thought I’d share with you all. If you'd like to listen to the whole interview click the video below.

1) You just have to keep going.

It’s pretty simple advice right? But you wouldn’t believe how often people just give up on the first hurdle, or after a few weeks/months of posting content and not seeing a change in their online presence. Ebony mentions that you can’t neglect your social media, whether you have two followers or 500,000, it doesn’t matter how many you have. You just need to make sure that you’re posting regular content for all of them to see. She goes further and tells me that consistency is key, when an account isn’t active people can see that you haven’t posted for a month or two and it just doesn’t look good for your social presence. In addition, she mentions that society in this day and age have a short attention span and can easily forget about you if you don’t regularly post content. This piece of advice reminds me of the quote from Woody Allen, “Eighty percent of success is showing up”.

2) Social Blade - An in-depth analytical tool

Ebony introduced me to a website/app called SocialBlade, before I talked to her I had no idea what this was. Apparently you can log onto this website/app and type in any YouTube, Facebook, Twitch account and in seconds you can see how ‘healthy’ the account is. It’ll give each account an in-depth analysis of how the channel is doing, giving an overall grade depending on many variables. I was amazed when I found out about this piece of information, as soon as I got a computer I had a look and typed in every single YouTube channel I could think of. Ebony was correct, it showed a ‘Total Grade’, ‘Estimated Monthly Earnings’, ‘Future Projections’ and a whole load of other analytical information. I can see why this is a useful tool, not only can you get detailed insight in your own account, but checking in on your competition and seeing if you’re ahead of them or not can be very useful in your social media growth.

Ebony mentions that she doesn’t view her statistics religiously, but it’s a great indication of how the channel is doing. She checks in about once a month to see if she needs to be more active or not. Analytics is really important and it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked. I would suggest spending some time on Social Blade and have a gander, it works for YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I noticed that they offer consultations about jump starting your YouTube presence, this could be something that’ll be really helpful.

If you’re interested in the conversation I had with Ebony Day you can listen to the whole recording here, it was a really insightful conversation that not only talks about social media advice, but other aspects of her career too. If you found Ebony’s piece of advice helpful why not message her to let her know that it helped? Why not message us too? We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you know any other tips to help build your social media presence we’d love to know.

Don’t forget to share this with anyone you know who is struggling to build their social media presence, or who you think would benefit this piece of information. If you have anything else to say, comment below or send us an email at info@reloadsessions.com.