Showcasing New Music In London: This Is Wired

this is wired kate bond

Showcasing New Music In London: This Is Wired

This Is Wired

We invited our friend Kate Bond to join us on The Reload Podcast to discuss This Is Wired, one of London's best live-music shows. We spoke about how This Is Wired originally started out, how the team selects artists for the line up as well as the different platforms the show has been extended too. With 2017 set to be an exciting year, Kate is an industry specialist with a great eye for talent.

For a number of years we've been going to This Is Wired, held around London in multiple venues but most noticeably in Concrete - Shoreditch as well as the members-only Shoreditch House. The music has always been top quality with many acts going on to achieve mainstream success.

Since starting, the This Is Wired brand has gone on to become more than an invite-only show and has produced artist-talk sessions, a collaborative mixtape (see below) as well as specialised events. The brand has been growing from strength to strength.

We wanted to invite Kate down to the podcast to speak with us about how she formed the brand and what drove her to do so. Kate gave us a great look at a number of the processes and core values behind This Is Wired, as well as touching on how and why the shows are invite-only.

To hear the whole conversation with Kate, watch the video below.

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Find out more about This Is Wired, by checking them out online.

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