Raw Material - A Free Space to Write, Record & Create

Raw Material - A Free Space To Write, Record & Create

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One thing that can be very tricky for young artists is finding a space to record in or even rehearse. If money isn't an too much of an issue there are a bunch of great options around London. However when starting out money can often be tight which isn't ideal when you're weighing up whether making music is something to pursue. It doesn't need to be a headache, there are a few fantastic studios and spaces in London which provide not only the facilities but help from musicians themselves.

Raw Material

One of these places is Raw Material, located in Brixton, London, Raw Material whose missions is to improve the lives of young people, their economic position, their opportunities, progression and development have an open door policy to young creatives under 25.

Raw Material provides a range of training as well as mentoring too - which helps emerging artists hear from musicians in the industry which can be hugely insightful. The registered charity works on providing professional arts projects, used to develop creative talent and encourage & educate young people about working in the creative industries.

The Reload Podcast

We sat down with Emily from Raw Material as part of The Reload Podcast to find out more about what they could offer young musicians.

Emily went on to tell us that everyone between 8 and 25 is welcome to use the space which includes a live room, several studios, vocal booths, mixing rooms an editing suite. They run a number of projects, some continual allowing musicians to drop-in as they please and some a bit more regimented, happening at a specific time each week. 

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After speaking with Emily it seems that Raw Material really focuses on providing a safe and positive space for young people to create new content and develop their skills. It really helps that most of the staff are musicians as it means that there's an understanding of what can benefit young musicians pushing forward with their work through collaboration. If you're local to the area and looking for a space to create new music or learn a skill to do with the music industry Raw Material should definitely be on your list. There are no costs attached to using their space and they have a great team at hand to help.

For more info on Raw Material's projects and facilities and how you can get in touch with them visit their website here.

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