Is It Time To Quit?

Is It Time To Quit?


The Dip - Seth Godin

Every now and then I read a few self-development books that help me in my personal growth, and I thought it would be helpful to share it to anyone who would be so kind to take the time and listen. Recently I came across Seth Godin's, "The Dip". The main premise of the book is about quitting wisely, being aware of the situation you're in and if that project, goal or collaboration isn't working, it's time to move on and to do it quickly.


"Quitters never win and winners never quit." I'm sure in our lifetime we've come across a saying something similar to that effect, especially those goal orientated individuals who are striving for success in their careers. Peers keep telling you to never give up, maybe you constantly tell yourself to keep going, not to listen to the pessimistic haters. Seth clearly states that this is bad advice, when I first read this I was confused. All my life I've been told to grind, hustle and work hard to reach the top, then a successful writer explains that what I've believed in isn't helping at all. He further explains himself and says, "Winners quit all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time".


Am I wasting my time?

It was after I read this that I realised what Seth was talking about. We don't want to be wasting our time in a dead end project, put our head down and just work on it for the hell of it. We need to be aware of what we're doing and whether or not there is an end goal to it, otherwise along the journey we realise all that time and effort put into it was a waste. I sure don't want to be that person who looks back and regrets not being able to see that this wasn't going anywhere. Perhaps this is why it's alright to quit, why maybe the saying "quitters never win and winners never quit' has become a misleading motivational quote, but in actual fact it has wasted our time, effort and money.

Usually whenever we start off a project, goal or task we get right into it, we give it our all. Whether that's you learning an instrument, collaborating with new management or growing your social media platforms. As time passes by we eventually find ourself in 'The Dip', this dip is the low point in our journey. It was all fun and exciting at the beginning, then it starts to get harder, your rate of progress and learning rapidly drops and you easily get frustrated. It is at this low point, this dip, where we need to keep at it. If you can persist at this moment, if you can keep at it, if you just keep hustling you will eventually get yourself out and reap the rewards. You'll find that once you're out, everything becomes a lot easier and at a faster rate.

Before you commit to anything there needs to be an understanding of an end goal, if you can't see one then it's clearly going to be a dead end. It is in situations like these, that you should be aware to quit and move on to the next project, there should be no shame about it either. However, if you do know your end goal, whilst on your journey you're inevitably going to find yourself in that dip where everything becomes a lot harder. Just remind yourself of the end goal to keep yourself motivated in the low times, it'll be a shame to quit at that moment, especially when you're so close from getting out of the dip and reaping the rewards from all that hard work that was put into it.


How does this to a career in music?

This can be applied to anyone, in any given industry. Seeing how Reload Sessions is a platform for upcoming artists, maybe it's best I direct this to the young (or old) upcoming creators. Maybe before going into any situation that'll supposedly help your career be aware of what you're doing and whether or not there is an end-goal to it. If not, quit. Simply move on to the next thing and see whether or not it will be beneficial. If you realise you're in the dip of your journey, keep at it. Success is only around the corner.


There is a stigma with quitters, but hopefully I’ve helped broaden your mind and made you think that quitting doesn’t brand you as a failure. Share this with anyone who you think is going through the dip or who is about to start their journey.

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