Introducing: KYKO

A few months ago we met a young man who goes by the name of KYKO, caps a necessity? Yes. An email introducing KYKO's music landed in our inbox, and after a quick listen (literally a few seconds) we concluded that whoever was creating those sounds was someone we wanted to work with. A month or so later and KYKO a.k.a Scott Verrill came to meet us in London to film two live performances with us. Accompanying him for the day was Jack Shepherd who is now a veteran on Reload Sessions, having featured on numerous videos with Louise Smith and a couple with Amber Whitworth, no doubt he knew what to expect.

Scott performed his original song 'Animals' which brings a very different sound compared to the studio version, linked below. Nonetheless it was a great performance and we were grateful to spend some time with the well-mannered and courteous KYKO. KYKO has just released his 'Animals' EP which can be found on Soundcloud and is linked in the widget below. Although you can stream the EP you can also buy it on Itunes for £1.99. Well worth it. After the first listen you'll undoubtedly see it's a tidy little EP, perfect for the summer months; a park, a BBQ, a train journey, a flight and so on.  

Find KYKO online, give him a follow and tell him we sent you.

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