ELAM - The Industry Academy

ELAM - The Industry Academy

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On The Reload Podcast we invite industry specialists to have a chat with us about how their brand or their work can benefit the young, independent artists that are part of our network. This time is no different and we spoke with Nathan Lilley, Director of Music from ELAM (East London Arts & Music), a full-time industry academy for 16-19 year olds.

The academy is open to young musicians or creatives interested in pursuing carer in music, film, T V, production, game design and more and in its first 3 years of running it has seen its alumni take on roles in all of these sectors.

Nathan, Director of Music at the academy isn't what you'd consider a 'standard' teacher although he's been teaching for 10 years he's toured as a musician, is a multi-instrumentalist, holds a degree in sound engineering and is also one of the founding members of the academy - he also teaches production, mixing and mastering. He explains to us that the teachers there strive to create an environment where students understand a successful career in the music industry doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a chart-topping vocalist. 

"We open their eyes to other ways to make money - producers can make money for TV, film adverts - over commercial success It's the same with singers or any profession - we try to open their mind to different avenues that can go down". With this attitude a number of their students have secured jobs with record labels, handling artist social accounts and working on television.

ELAM want to give a rounded experience to each of their students, setting them up for success. "It comes back to our vision - a lot of students will leave college with a qualification but it differs between colleges - we are all about making sure anything we're teaching is important for the development of that young person - so when they enter that industry they have experience. "

As part of this ELAM also makes it mandatory that each student gets a qualification in maths and English as it's important to understand how to communicate and manage budgets - something that is easily over looked by enthusiastic & passionate creatives.

For more on our chat with Nathan from ELAM watch the video below.

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ELAM has not only a great attitude towards teaching, engaging and learning but they also host master classes open to current and former students which sees an industry expert talk about their position, how they got there and their experiences doing what they do. On top of that, each trainee has a mentor from the industry, meeting on a monthly basis, evaluating their progress and providing support. ELAM also has a top of the range facility in East London which has vocal booths, mixing rooms, live rooms, editing suites and much more.

If you're 16-19 and considering going to a music college it may very well be worth popping down to have a look. For more on ELAM, what they do and how to apply as a student click here


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