So How Do I Create Content?

So How Do I Create Content?

Our brand new podcast series 'Artist Development' helps give insight into successful people working in the music industry. This week I had the pleasure of talking on the phone with Andrew Rose. Andrew describes himself as a director, producer, cinematographer and editor. He told me that he’s essentially a “one man band”, who can write, shoot edit, submit and market.

He’s more known for being Tori Kelly’s personal videographer, they’ve been working together for about five years now and both their careers have been going from strength to strength. Before touring the world with Tori, he had worked with a number of well known YouTubers around California. From the likes of Gabe Bondoc, AJ Rafael, Us The Duo, Kina Grannis and Jeremy Passion, his portfolio is filled with a wide variety of YouTubers.

We talked for a good while and I got a lot of insight into his career, how it started and what he thinks of the music industry so far. He gave some interesting bits of advice for a person who creates content, from a singer songwriter to a videographer:

Content Is King

“Content is always going to be king”, were the words that came from Andrew’s mouth. This saying is well known amongst content creators, it’s so simple yet so powerful. Sure there are articles that claim that content isn’t truly king, but what Andrew was getting across spoke a lot of truth. He mentioned that Tori Kelly can possibly get more views filming off a webcam than from a high video production crew on set, the focus isn’t the fancy piece of equipment you use to record the performance, or the expensive Taylor guitar you use to play the acoustic session. It’s really the content and what you choose to express.

Experience Is Key

“You’re going to learn more outside of a classroom, than you’re going to learn in one”, is another wise saying Andrew mentioned (this guy is full of them!). What Andrew is basically expressing is that experience trumps all, especially when creating content. At the beginning of his career, Andrew just got stuck in to things and basically faked it until he made it. Yes, he studied film and got the right education. However, he mentioned to me it was only until he started creating content outside of school was when he truly flourished. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way, Andrew never saw it like that. He saw them as a learning process, he didn’t see failures as things that went wrong, more like things that just didn’t go well.

Influence As A Creator

As a creator of content, Andrew constantly reminds himself that a creator has a lot more influence than they think they have. So you’ve started your journey in creating content, whether that’s writing music and performing acoustic sessions to filming and editing live music, you should always be aware that you will have an audience and you could potentially influence this group of yours. Be wary of what content you put out, and how you brand yourself.

Get Creating

I hope this article helps you in creating content, no matter what industry you’re in from music to film, go get stuck in it and go create. If you’re interested in listening to the full conversation between Andrew and I, you can view it below, he goes into more depth about the beginning of his career and what he plans next.


He’s actually got his own tour going on right now, called Coffee & Cameras. He’s travelling around America and meeting up in different coffee shops to talk about his career, and give you some advice on how to use your camera the right way. He might be adding more dates too, and he should be ending the tour in London, England. All details can be found on his social media; Twitter, Instagram. If you’re interested you can book a spot here.


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