Adventures To: The Italian Alps

Last week our friend Andrew Rose was in town. Andrew is a L.A-based videographer who works with dancers and musicians. For the past five years he's been working with Grammy nominated Tori Kelly producing her online content, covering behind-the-scenes and collecting footage from her shows around the world. 

Knowing that Andrew would be around for a few days we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit parts of Europe none of us had seen before; the Italian Alps. We'd visited the French side a few years ago with Ebony Day but we wanted to see what things were like on the eastern side of Mont Blanc. The guys at Anker had previously sent us a few battery packs and lightning cables to try out and the trip would give us a chance to see how much extra they could extended the life of our phones while on the road. 

The end of the road at Pont, Gran Paradiso National Park

We jumped on an early morning flight to Milan, grabbed a car (inconveniently it was a Ford C-Max, with no aux jack or USB port - here comes Anker to the rescue) and did a bit of sightseeing in in the city before heading to the mountains. Let me sum it up for you; cappuccinos from Gucci, gothic cathedrals and roundabouts, lots and lots of roundabouts. Milan - done. We headed west to the alps, driving through the Aosta Valley with and into Gran Paradiso National Park - the former hunting ground of an old Italian King whose grandson then turned into Italy's first national park. The mountains rose out of the clouds and once in the valley we were spoilt for choice with scenic passes to drive through. We opted for Cogne and once there we walked around the picturesque village going on to a short hike to the local ice falls, it was a great opportunity to capture some footage and take some photos too even if the snow was waist deep and it was -7 outside.

After three days of wading through snow and gasping at the vistas, we eventually headed back to Milan's Malpensa airport with a quick stop over to the lake region, driving along Lake Como's shoreline which even in March is truly breathtaking. I struggle to understand why anyone who could drive would go to Milan and just Milan, bypassing the nearby alps or the lakes.


Our route meandering through the valleys was a good time to catch up with Andrew, he's still wearing his tour gear, all-black-everything; ankle socks, leather jacket and shades, though the more time we spend together the more I realise that this isn't tour gear and it would make no difference if he was in the Nevada desert or the alps, he'd still wear the same style of clothes, I suppose it's just a 'cool guy' thing. Andrew is a guy with a lot of integrity and after talking about various projects that we are both working on it's clear that he only attaches his name to productions he genuinely believes in and rarely takes a job for the sake of taking a job. It's may be for this reason that his work with Tori Kelly seems to be going so well, because he focuses 100% on the thing that he's passionate about, capturing the right footage, getting the right shot at the right moment.

His work brought him to the UK for a week or two and we were supposed to meet up for dinner with Andrew in Brixton before one of Tori's shows. It didn't go as planned as they were behind schedule and they had no time to break between soundcheck and the show. "Sorry man, we're running behind and have the meet and greet coming up." Andrew says as he checks his watch after greeting me with a hug. He takes me backstage and we walk past Tori and Scooter Braun having a chat in a hallway. We continue onto the stage and he shows me some of his kit for the tour, including his latest purchase a Sony A7S II which seems to be doing a great job so far. The conversation quickly changes to food - which is for some reason often the case with my friends from California, "you know, I've been on my feet since the first interview at 7am and haven't had any food since then, I wanna eat!". I offer to go and grab him something but I can hear Scooter Braun in the background casually proclaiming "I'll get Nandos for everyone". It doesn't sound quite right hearing an American person saying "Nandos", but who am I to judge. Andrew escorts me back outside and we talk about our upcoming trip to the alps, it ends with "Alright man, I guess I'll see you at the airport" a handshake ensues and he walks off past the hordes of fans queuing up around the block, ready to film screaming fans swooning over Tori's trademarks locks. All in a day of the life of Andrew Rose.

Watch our highlight video below and let us know if you have any suggestions for our next trip. 


Andrew Rose: Twitter | Instagram