Introducing: Kristie Killick

We were lucky to have Kristie Killick perform with us on Reload Sessions last  month, and were extremely impressed with her original song ‘Bad’ as well as  her rendition of ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber. 

Kristie has a relaxed demeanor about her when she sings, and this adds to the natural and unforced delivery of her vocals. You only have to watch her videos she posts on social media, including the two songs she performed on our channel, to see she gives an impressive vocal performance without bells and whistles. 

Kristie's radio-friendly 'Bad' couldn’t be faulted and we love the catchy yet melancholy tone of the piece, which is echoed in other songs she has written.

We love that she has released her own music videos to songs from other popular artists such as Drake, Jhené Aiko and Miguel and they're all worth a watch.

 Find Kristie Killick’s social media links below to see for yourself and follow her progress. 

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