Introducing: Raphaella

If you've been following Reload Sessions for more than a few months you'll be aware that Raphaella is no stranger to the channel. The half-Scottish half-Persian singer songwriter has performed a number of times on Reload Sessions showing off not only her original music but her knack for taking a cover song and making it her own (see here and here).

We first came across Raphaella in 2012, we received a generic direct message on Twitter (we'll admit it, we went on a following spree and maybe we weren't 100% aware of who we were following...) telling us that she'd be performing at Proud Camden, we checked out her music and almost immediately got in touch. That was Raphaella's first time on the channel. We kept in touch with Raphaella and after performing twice more for us, a year later we put on a live show at Google HQ along with the guys at Acoustic Live UK where she graced the stage. Fast forward a year or two and the friendship with Raphaella is still going pretty strong.
We recently saw Raphaella perform at KOKO where she performed a bunch of songs in her ever-evolving style, something which shouldn't be overlooked or misunderstood. For the past three years we've seen Raphaella grow as an artist, in her performance and her production. Not many people are aware of her talents outside of being a vocalist but it might not always be made apparent just how wide her range of skills are.

The content Raphaella creates is very strong on three fronts; music, production and lyrics. It seems that each is as important as the other and Raphaella would not be Raphaella without any one of those three key elements. Raphaella writes an awful lot of music. Writing seems to be larger than just sitting in a room and jotting a few thoughts down. Everything Raphaella creates is done on purpose. Cerebral and intrinsically honest, her music echoes the sentiments of some of her influences from Rumi - the 13th Century poet to the song-writer/producer SOHN and everything in between. She's had hits as a songwriter in Korea,Japan and Germany to name a few and has worked with teams across the world to pen chart toppers. As if this wasn't enough of an accomplishment, Raphaella likes to be involved with the production side of her music too to the point that she produces a large amount of the music that she releases. To understand a bit more on this it's wise to head over to her Soundcloud, a few tracks can be seen below. 

Raphaella's music seems to go from strength to strength. Over the years she's made tweaks to her sound and style running parallel with her growth as an artist and as an individual. Yes it's been 3 years since we've worked with her but I imagine she'll go on to much bigger things. Despite a predicted wider success, I'd like to think that Raphaella will still be as passionate about the relationship between words, sounds and technology as she is today.

Find Raphaella online, give her a follow and a 'like' and tell her we sent you.

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