72 Hour Songwriting Challenge.

A Competition For Emerging Songwriters Worldwide

Think you know how to write a good song? What to put it to the test and win some prizes? We're launching our very first song writing competition - the 72 Hour Songwriting Challenge. The 72 Hour Songwriting Challenge isn't a regular songwriting contest, you'll have only a small window of time to write, record and submit your song and on top of that there will be a strict set of writing prompts & criteria needed for your song.

We've teamed up with one of our partners, RØDE, to provide our winners with some amazing prizes, designed to encourage each participant to write and record more music - entering is FREE!

For more info on the contest, the process and how you can win a brand new microphone worth £600, see below.


The 72 Hour Songwriting Process Starts On:


12pm GMT



Sign Ups In Progress

Writing Prompts:

To be announced 22/10/18

The Criteria - A FREE Competition With A Twist.

This is no normal songwriting competition. This is one with a twist - a challenge. Rather than opening the competition for any song, we want to test the songwriting skills of our audience by having a strict set of criteria in place. What will these writing prompts be? The full list will be announced on the day the competition opens, to keep you on your toes, but it could be something very similar to the following: 

  • The song needs be written in a specific key
  • The song needs to mention a specific word/phrase
  • The song needs to be a specific length
  • The song needs to have a specific type of composition.

All information will be announced on the opening day of the competition on 22nd October 2018 - sign up via the button below to register for the competition and receive updates and tips.

How Do I Enter?

It's super simple to enter. Fill in the information below,  your name and email address, and we'll keep you updated with how the challenge develops. Entrants have to be registered before they can submit a song. 

By filling in the information below you're letting us know you're interested in competing and winning one of our awesome prizes! It also means we can keep you updated on the challenge as well as send over the all-important writing criteria once they're announce on the opening date on 22nd October 2018.


The Competition Process.

Below is some information on how the competition will run, from the perspective of a participant. It all starts with hitting the 'Register' button on this page and hopefully ends with a bunch of cool prizes! 



Sign Up and register to be part of the competition. The sign up closes on 22nd October - just before the contest launches. From there you'll receive more information on how you can enter and win prizes.




There's not much preperation you can do before the competition starts as the criteria for the song will only be announced on the day the competition opens, giving you 3 days - to be exact - to write and record a song. It's a waiting game from here!


The Competition Starts.

On the day the competition starts on 22nd October, you'll receive an email with further information and the all important criteria, similar to the criteria listed above.


Read The Criteria.


The criteria for the competition are very important. The criteria will be announced on the launch day and can be as simple as 'write your song in the key of E' or 'include the phrase "I can change tomorrow"'. Who knows what will come up, but it will be key to stick to the criteria.


Write A Song.

This is where it's down to you, write your song(s) using the key criteria. It can be with a full band or just a solo acoustic song, it can be with an orchestra or completely acapella. It's up to you.


Record A Song.

Once your song has been written, it's time to record the song. This can be in a professional studio, a home studio or even on a basic DIY set up. We want to focus on the quality of the songwriting skills on show rather than recording and mixing quality.


Submit Your Song.

Time to say goodbye to your masterpiece. Once everything has been recorded, we'll ask you to submit your song to us to begin the judging process. Submissions will be sent via email, all information on the submission process will be sent to participants once the competition opens.


Meet The Deadline.

After the 72 hours is up - on the 25th October 2018, the challenge officially ends. The team will then begin the judging process.


The Judging Process.

The First Wave.

The first round of judging will be done by the Reload team, to collectively whittle the entries down to 10 songs. This will then be refined further.

The Second Wave.

Each member of the Reload team will vote for their top 5 songs, ranking them on a points system. The entry with the most points wins the top prize!


The Prizes.

Prizes are up for grabs for the winner of this challenge, and the top 5 entries will all be featured on an EP on Spotify & iTunes. Our friends at RØDE Microphones have given us some amazing prizes, below is a list of what the winners can expect.

  1. First Prize: A RØDE-NTR microphone worth £600
  2. Second Prize: A RØDE NT1 Complete Studio Kit
  3. Third Prize: A RØDE NT-USB - specifically built for laptops and computers.

Competition FAQ.

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions about the 72 Hour Songwriting Challenge. For a full list of rules, terms and conditions, scroll to the bottom of this page to read the segment titled 'The Rules'.

How many songs can I enter?

You can enter as many times as you'd like providing you follow the entry criteria, also known as writing prompts. A new submission will be needed for each song and the songs can't be slightly different variations of each other.

How much does it cost to enter?

The competition is free to enter!

I'm not from the UK, can I enter?

You are still able to enter this contest, providing you have registered and adhere to the rest of the rules found on this website.

How will I know if I win?

All winners will be contacted and notified about their progress in the contest.

Can I submit a pre-written song?

The nature of the competition doesn't allow this. There's a very strict set of criteria, which will be announced on the day the competition opens. Each entry has to follow and match the criteria.

Is there an age limit for entering?

Unfortunately we can't accept entries from under 15s.


The Rules.

As with any competition or challenge, there's always a lengthy list of rules, terms and conditions. We know these can sometimes be boring, but it's very important that both entrants and organisers are on the same page!

The Full Terms, Conditions & Rules

By submitting a song to the ‘72 Hour Songwriting Challenge’ hosted by Reload, you acknowledge and accept all of the following rules, terms and conditions. The ‘artist’ or the ‘participant’ hereon refers to the person submitting the musical composition to Reload. ‘Us’, ‘we’ or ‘The Reload Team’ refers to the contest organisers; the team behind the Reload brand. 'Winners' or 'winner' refers to any person who wins the competition in first, second or third place.

  • By submitting a song you can prove and confirm you represent the songwriter(s) who wrote the song that you're submitting.
  • Submissions will only be accepted after 12pm (GMT) 22nd October 2018 and before 12pm (GMT) on 25th October 2018.
  • Submissions will only be accepted if they follow the full list of criteria/writing prompts, found in emails and on the Reload website. The list of criteria will be made publicly available on the date the competition opens. Songs that do not match the list of criteria will be rejected from the judging process.
  • The 72 Hour Songwriting Challenge is free to enter, no payment will be taken from participants.
  • Participants must be 15+ and have a permanent address.
  • The competition is open to songwriters worldwide.
  • The performers heard playing the song can be different to those who wrote the song, a songwriter can ask others to perform his/her/their song without being penalised.
  • Participants must be registered with Reload, before the competition opens on DATE, to receive full information on the competition process. Registering information can be found on the competition webpage at www.reloadsessions.com.
  • Participants must be registered with Reload in order to submit and entry to the competition.
  • Participants can enter as many songs as they like, providing they are not variations of one another. The Reload team will deem whether additional song entries are distinct from previously entered songs.
  • If two songs that are the same or very similar are entered, we will only accept the first one that was submitted.
  • Songs can be written and recorded by a group, or multiple people - a band for example - however any prizes won will be sent to the single person that registered for the contest and submitted the song.
  • Pre-written songs will not be accepted, unless they match all of the song writing criteria published on the day the contest opens.
  • Winners will be notified within 30 days of submitting their song.
  • If a winner doesn’t reply via email within 10 days the prize will go to the next person Reload deems suitable.
  • Prizes will be sent out within 90 days of announcing the winners publicly.
  • The Reload Team can use the submitted & recorded song in any way they choose, including but not limited to uploading the song to a streaming platform, uploading the content to social media or using the performance piece as marketing and promotion for future projects or campaigns.
  • Reload reserves the right to upload songs entered into the contest to YouTube, Spotify, iTunes & other online streaming services without being obliged to notify the participant or without paying a fee (present or future) to the participant.
  • The artist is free to distribute their composition as they please their entry, even if this means including it on the album, selling it online or as a physical item.

Challenge Yourself & Win Prizes.

Naturally the only thing we can ask is, can you write a great song under a specific set of circumstances? If you think you can give it a go we'd love to hear from you. Don't forget, it's FREE to enter and we have a bunch of great prizes waiting!

To sign up for the challenge, see below & good luck!